Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carnation Bak Kut Teh @ groupon

Is Time to share some nice deal to everyone again! =D

As alot of people know
Currently There are alot of website
Which selling those Voucher
~ which can get discounted price ~ ;)

Today I am going to recommend you all this :-

*click on the link to see the deal*

The Bak Kut Teh....Slurrrrrrrpppppp! =P
Hehehe.... I tried that before...
The soup is so Niceeeeeee! ^o^

Why i say so?
Want know more?
Don't wait to click the link below :-

*steal 1 photo from Nick's Blog * =P

Wanna see more just go to the link above of Nick's Post on

1 word YUMMY!!! ^o^

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yiiii~~ Pohhhhh

Time to Post my Ipoh Trip 
* which i went on Feb * oopssssss =P

It was a 3Days Trip!
Wakaka... =D
BUT.... it seems doesn't ENOUGH! 

1st Day....
My Very 1st place to EAT!
Near Stadium there.....

Yummy yummy Meng Zhu Wan Tan Mee 
Hehehe.... Think of the Wan Tan.........
Mixed of prawn and pork...... 
Soooooooooooo Nice ! =P

Roti Planta!!!!!!!!!!! =D


All the foodssssssssssss
So yummy le! Make me hungry............ >.< 

After all this..
Then is Gai gai jalan jalan time around Ipoh! =D

Then Noon time go for the 
Funny Mountain...........
*For what? *

Of coz is the Tau Fu Fah lu!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))) 

The tau fu fah..
= Bak Suet suet Wat Luet luet =
* Drooooooooooling*  =P

For more information on this Famous Tau Fu Fah 
Visit here :-

Tau Fu Fah @ Funny Mountain Soya Bean, Ipoh

Ipoh ar ipoh.....
Why you have so many yummy foodssssss!! 
*Fat fat lu! Arrrrggghhhhh*

Must Reduce some weight
Before ready for Next Round Ya! Wakaka.... XD 

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