Thursday, May 26, 2011

♥ Barbie Sunshine ♥ RM30 (Included pos express)

Barbie Sunshine

Another type of Barbie Doll Lens o~!!! =D

It is also 16mm.....
Same with other barbie doll lens!

Have a look on the Barbie Sunshine Lens : -

Barbie Sunshine Blue

Sunshine Brown

Sunshine Green

Sunshine Green

Sunshine Violet

The price for barbie doll lens is
RM35  RM30 ONLY!!! =))

Or if you buy 5 Pairs
FREE 1 PAIR o!!!!! ^^

For more information can view our
In facebook o~!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

♥~Princess Nudy 14.7mm~♥

Princess Nudy 14.7mm

Wanna have pretty big eye
Like a barbie doll??? =))

Below is the pictures of the
Princess Nudy Lens

Princess Nudy Blue

Princess Nudy Green

Princess Nudy Grey

Princess Nudy Hazel

Princess Nudy Violet

RM28 Per Pair
(Include Pos Express) ^^

We got sell alot others types of

Currently having a
"Let's Buy Together"

Come and join it to get barbie doll lens
at RM22 per pair ONLY!!!! =))

To get more information

Or you can contact us at

Saturday, May 21, 2011

♥~Blytheye 14mm~♥ at RM25 ONLY!!!

BLYTHEYE Coloured Lens

Blytheye coloured lens
Diameter : 14mm

The price of the lens is ONLY
RM25 !!!!!!!

Below is the picture of lens:

Blytheye Blue

Blytheye Grey

Blytheye Green

Blytheye Brown

Blytheye Pink

Blytheye Violet

The price for :
Pos Express : RM4
Pos Laju :  RM6 (West) RM9(East)

Is having a
"Let's Buy Together" event o!! =)

Join this event & Get wholesale price
for barbie lens!!!

The price is
ONLY RM22 Per Pair o!!!!!!

To see all the barbie lens can be choose! =))

The normal price for Barbie Lens is RM30 Per Pair o~!
Fast fast join and get RM22 PRICE!!!! =D

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's Buy Together~♥

Let's Buy Together!

Barbie Doll Page is having a event
"Let's Buy Together"
Now!!!!!!!!! :D

Wondering What it is??
Is a event which gather all people
Who interested to buy lens
To get the
WHOLESALE PRICE o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

If more than 5 ppls make order : -
RM25 PER PAIR ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

If more than 10 ppls make order : -
RM22 PER PAIR ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow~Isn't it great? =))

Below is the lens of Barbie Dolce ( 1 of the Barbie Lens) :-

Barbie Dolce Green

Barbie Dolce Blue

Barbie Dolce Brown

Barbie Dolce Grey

There are more more barbie lens which can be choose o! =))
Then you can view all types of barbie lens! ^^

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 3P Course - SQL Server

For most of the students
From Local Uni....
Now is Having their holidays.....

is not for me! Sob.....

Coz I am attending a 3P course now!
Started on
10 May - 2 June

Is just a short course...
(Read more then u wil know why )

Here is the book : -

In this book
Got 10 Modules o.... =))

Adds on :
This is not the only book!!!!!

Still have another 2 Books o!!! >.<
Gonna finished it within this period of time....

The exam gonna held on
2 June!!!

Hahaha....I still can do blog....
(Doesn't mean I not need study o!!!! =P)

Just that relax myself...
Everyday class from 9am-5pm le!!!!
So night time should have little own time ba? =P
(Actually not little at all!
Coz I nite time no study pun... :$ Kakaz... )

Do like my Barbie Doll Lens Page o!! =D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♥Super Barbie Nudy 16mm♥

Super Barbie Nudy 16mm

Barbie Nudy Blue

Barbie Nudy Green

Barbie Nudy Grey

Barbie Nudy Pink

Barbie Nudy Violet

Barbie Nudy Brown

Each Pair RM32
(Include Pos Express)

Buy 5 Pairs FREE 1 Pairs

For Wholesale
Above 10 Pairs : RM22 Per Pair
Pos Laju For 10 Pairs
RM6 West Malaysia
RM9 East Malaysia

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Special Post For You~ ♥

Today I'm Gonna to write a special blog! =))

What's so special?
This post is special because of You - My Hubby~!

Hope that this cupid sent my msg to him!

Tomorrow is gonna be His's 1st Day of Work o!!!
First of all I wanna say


Hehehe....Another cute picture :-

You'll be Super o!!! =D
(You're always my superman =P )

At first though to give some surprise to him...
(By sending a card to his home...)

But.....Due to some reason....
Unable to do so....sob... ='(

But I hope that this blog post...
Can bring a little Surprise for him...Kakaz.. =P
(Although is just a simple post)

The main purpose of this blog is to
Wish Him Good Luck o!! =))

Good Luck Good Luck o! ^o^
(All the best o my hubby )

Just a simple post for u o~!
*shy shy*

Hehehe....Hope you will like it~!
(Still hope u like it although very simple)

Additonal :
A letter for him too.....
Only will given to him when meet up!
*kakaz* =P

(PS: I Love You )

Monday, May 9, 2011

♥ Barbie Candy Lens 16mm ♥

Super Barbie Candy 16mm

Candy Blue

Candy Brown

Candy Green

Candy Grey

Candy Pink

Candy Violet

Each Pair RM30
RM4 for Pos Express (Max : 4Pairs)

Buy 5 Pairs FREE 1 Pair!!!!

For wholesale
Minimum : 10 Pairs
Price per pair : RM 24

Pos Laju
RM6 (west malaysia)
RM9 (east malaysia)

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

♥ Barbie Lens with ONLY 0 Power ♥

♥Barbie Lens With 0 Power♥


Coloured available: (Violet, Blue, Brown, Grey)


Coloured available: (Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey)


Coloured available: (Violet, Blue, Brown, Grey)

3D Diamond

Coloured available: (Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Pink)

Candy Magic

Coloured available: (Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey)


Coloured available: (Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey)


Coloured available: (Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey)

All The Lens Above RM35 Per Pair
Buy 2 Pairs at RM65!!
Buy 3 Pairs at RM90 Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(The price included pos express)

Wholesale Price:
Buy > 10 Pairs : RM25 Each Pair!!
(Not included pos express)

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