Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I ♥ Australia

Today Gonna Post about Something I like so much!!!!
All those cute chubby lovely stuffs
Is always my Favourite!!! :P

Got something that I ♥ so muchie!!
First of all....
is the koala~~~ =)

Hehehe...It is so so so so Cute~!
Agree??? :P

I wish I can have a chance to there....
To see and hug the real one! ^^

Now just show you the souvenir
From My Sister~ ;)

Cuteeeeeeeeeeee~!!!! Isn't it?

Hehehe...Fall in love with koala dy ><
Besides this....
There are sourvenir that bought at

Looney Tunes.....
Ta da~! ekeke..... :P

The tag for the souvenir o! :P

So so happy to receive All this~
Thanks to my dearest sister... =)

If you like tweety ....
Then following is a really nice sourvenir lu!!!!
Kakaz :D

Yaya~Is a Tweety case o~ ^^
it is sweet + cute!
♥ so muchie~!!! =)

Next is a Baby-T
of Looney Tunes Family!!!

So nice o...LOL....
The clothes full of LOL word...XD
Really LOL...:P

A photo of All Sourvenir...
La la la~ =)
hehehe....Thanks alot to my sis!!! ^^
Coz bought me so many sourvenir o~

Wish that I can have the chance to visit there o! ^^
Hehehe...Koala....Looney Tunes....
WAIT for me o...
wakaka XD

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dim Sum

Sorry To All Blogger
And those who read my blog...
Untill Now only I post this! ><
Really SORRY bout that~

Recently abit busy o...
Nearly the end of my intern life dy! ^^
So need to rush alots of documents~~!!

Now Let Me share the post of Dim Sum
Which I had with my parents
During I back to home! =)

It was Sunday morning..
So, You all can guess all
Dim Sum Restaurants are FULL!!! ><

What to do?
Find and search for not Over Crowded de! :P

Here is the tea :


Pu Er tea o~
The tea used to be ordered! =)

Most of the food here
is NON-Halal de o~

Siew Mai o!
Abit blur....Sorry o~ :$

Chai Kuey..

Following is My Favourite lu!!!!
Hehehe...All fried fried fried de :P

This is SUPER yummy!
I most like to order this
when eat dim sum!! :P

Lobak Kuey!
Although abit oily...BUT
Is stil nice~ *heart*

Still got some I did not
Capture dou picture tim! ><
Coz busying Eat :P

Got a mee...So nice!
Bak kut de...Wow~~
Tasty!!!  =)

Will take the photo when I go again ya~ ;)

Dim Sum is Yummy!!!
Plus.. Moments with my parent~ =)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Environment At Taiwan

Forget to transfer my Dim Sum Picture... ><
So sorry o ~
Hehehe...Will Update about that soon ya ^^

So today I will
Continue post about the Taiwan Trip
I went previously~! ;)

Green Environment
A relaxation place... =)

Fresh Air there...
So so nice being there!
Here is a photo of me :-

Kakaz :D
Hit IT as loud as u can!!!
Is smtg good o~ ;)

My Aunty with another drum.. =]

Can see the nice environment behind...
And It it Cold~! :P

My dear sister =)
This photo has the feeling of village...
Nice nice o~ ^^

Next Photo
Got something to Guess o~! ;)

Guess What is that?
Is a dustbin~!
So creative & nice o...
Use to throw rubbish
abit waste hor?

Another interesting picture:-

This Bridge abit scary...
ahem ahem... ><

Coz is swing while walking o!!!
Plus , Under it is river!!!
Special Feel... =)

Last photo :-
Lesson: Don't touch!

See this nice nice flower?
Do Not Touch!
Poison o~~

That's why people always say...
Don simply "Touch" flower at roadside...

Have a nice day~ :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

OutinG To ReD Box~

What Normally You will do when Holiday?
How about me?
Times for my family!!!! :D

I went Red Box with my mum & sis~
Coz my mum ♥ to SING~!!!
Kakaz ^^

Can't believe it?
Lol XD
Is true o~~

I did not capture any picture....
Other than FOOD~!!!:P

Let me share with you all :-

Hehehe....For me tis is NICE~! :P

Nearer view o :P

Another food....
I forgot what fried rice dy... ><
Sorry ya! Hehehe....

Not bad not bad~! ;)
Enjoy SING more...Lol XD

The Last Food~!
Got sausage, potato & salad.. ^^
Hehehe... =)

Closer view again! ><

What most important in life is
Moments with Family ya~!
Appreciate it!! :D

Of coz enjoy nice food
at the same time! :P

Sorry for long time did not update~!
Keep visit me ya ^^

Friday, September 3, 2010

Taiwan - Jiu Fen Old Street

The name of the place
Is So special Right? ;)

Jiu Is Nine,
While Fen Is Part.

The name got it's own History de o~~ ;)

Let me share the
Delicious Food there! :P

Very Famous Mee Sua~!!

Another Must Eat Stall~!
Ah Poh Yu Geng
Here is the Picture there : -

The Stall Full With Peoples~!!!
We Found a place at Last~ ;) 

Show you the picture of the Chef~

The business is so good~
Busying Prepare food for customer... =)

Our Order is Here~!!!!!

It their own make recipe o~!
Really YummY!!!!

Combination with the mee....

Don kena tipu with the mee o~
Look simple
Really NICE!! ;)

After eat.....
Sure is time to.....

Here is picture of me and mum~~ =)

The whole street
Got sell lotz things~~

Look Great Right? ;)
Cannot finish walk like that... ><

Last food stall I want to share :-
Sell Fried Prawn Ball.....
Show you how the stall look like.. ;)

The food will be more ATTRACTIVE! :P

The prawn ball that not yet fried... =)

Gonna Stop this post with.....
My Personal Picture ~~