Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A visit to Kaffa Expresso Bar

It's been years I never write my blog. Checked back the last date of my last post was last year!! >.<  It's really such a long time.
Now I'm back to write my blog again! :) Feel so happy and excited!!! Hahaha. . But not sure how to start. Since last Saturday I just have a day out to meet my ex - roomie (who I also long time no see her dy!!! But not as long as my abandoned blog.. :P) So, here is my 1st blog after years never update! :)

Here is the 1st photo.. captured outside the restaurant. Yes! Is Kaffa Espresso Bar which located at Green Hall, Penang.  :)

This is the view I can see clearly from the place I sit. :) it's exactly in front of us. But is really hard to take this photo! Reason : Popular seat (The seat very fast being taken once the previous customer leave)

Let's make some order 1st! Here is some photos taken :-

Just some random photo taken at the counter for ordering. 

Cakes!!!!! *drooling* 
Dessert is always so attractive :P

While waiting for our drinks, take some photos.

It's me! 

My ex roomie
(who I stay with for 3 years in uni time)

Ta da~ Our order is here dy! 
Let me introduce to you all.

Café Freddo RM12 
-is cold drink 

Big Bites Breakfast RM18.90

This is order by her. Take a photo of her with her drink and breakfast! :)

Here Is my drink!!! 
Before I pay a visit to this restaurant I already decided what to try. :P

Salted Caramel Machiatto RM12.50

The top part have some design, it is a hot drink. 
Personally I think it's nice! 
Due to I din drink coffee often, so I cannot comment much on it.
Do have a try when you pay a visit! ;)

Next will be the attractive dessert!!!!
I love cake <3 nbsp="" p="">

Oreo cheese cake RM11
It's really did not disappointed me! 
It tastes really nice and smooth! 

It's a nice place to hang out with friends. 
Can relax and have a long chat with friends.  
We were there for around 4 hours!! >. <

Perhaps is the nice relax environment make us doesn't really realised the time past so fast!!
Of coz we have too many topics to talk about. ;)

A photo of us

It taken with my new Note3 front camera.
I really think this phone's camera very nice! 

All the photos in this post is taken with the Note3 camera. That's also another reason I am back to write blog. As I have such a nice camera (personal thought), so have to share with friends some photos of my recent life. :)

Better stop talking unrelated thing.  
Let me share all photos around the café!;)

This is the roof place where there is place to sit as well. 
If you visit the shop at night, it might be a good place which you can feel the wind. ;)

This is the photo at front door. 

The shop will be open till late! 

 End the post with a photo we take at behind the shop. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carnation Bak Kut Teh @ groupon

Is Time to share some nice deal to everyone again! =D

As alot of people know
Currently There are alot of website
Which selling those Voucher
~ which can get discounted price ~ ;)

Today I am going to recommend you all this :-

*click on the link to see the deal*

The Bak Kut Teh....Slurrrrrrrpppppp! =P
Hehehe.... I tried that before...
The soup is so Niceeeeeee! ^o^

Why i say so?
Want know more?
Don't wait to click the link below :-

*steal 1 photo from Nick's Blog * =P

Wanna see more just go to the link above of Nick's Post on

1 word YUMMY!!! ^o^

== Stay Tune for More Deal Sharing ==

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yiiii~~ Pohhhhh

Time to Post my Ipoh Trip 
* which i went on Feb * oopssssss =P

It was a 3Days Trip!
Wakaka... =D
BUT.... it seems doesn't ENOUGH! 

1st Day....
My Very 1st place to EAT!
Near Stadium there.....

Yummy yummy Meng Zhu Wan Tan Mee 
Hehehe.... Think of the Wan Tan.........
Mixed of prawn and pork...... 
Soooooooooooo Nice ! =P

Roti Planta!!!!!!!!!!! =D


All the foodssssssssssss
So yummy le! Make me hungry............ >.< 

After all this..
Then is Gai gai jalan jalan time around Ipoh! =D

Then Noon time go for the 
Funny Mountain...........
*For what? *

Of coz is the Tau Fu Fah lu!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))) 

The tau fu fah..
= Bak Suet suet Wat Luet luet =
* Drooooooooooling*  =P

For more information on this Famous Tau Fu Fah 
Visit here :-

Tau Fu Fah @ Funny Mountain Soya Bean, Ipoh

Ipoh ar ipoh.....
Why you have so many yummy foodssssss!! 
*Fat fat lu! Arrrrggghhhhh*

Must Reduce some weight
Before ready for Next Round Ya! Wakaka.... XD 

== Stay Tune for More Post ==

Friday, March 30, 2012

Groupon Mali IPOH =D

There are ALOT different different website
Which Selling those Voucher
* cheaper price if you purchase and use it within the time line given *

One of the website is called 

Just Yesterday I finally saw that...
There are DEAL available for Ipoh! 

* Isn't a Good News for all Ipoh people?!?!* =))

Here is the deal which located @ Ipoh GreenTown

Click on the above link, 
Then you can see the Deal!!!! =D

~ One of the photo I grab from Groupon ~ 

It just RM9.90 for 2 Main Course!!!!! =D
*Look so worth* ;)

If you are Dessert lover,
Then you can go for this deal? Maybe....... 

*click on link above to see the deal*

~One of the photo I grab from Groupon~ 

Is a good choices for Tea Time
With Friendssssssssssss~ =))

Ipoh People! Here is something I would like to share to you all! =))

== Stay Tune for more Deal Sharing == 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best Deal in Town?? Fish N Chip !

Just Yesterday... I saw this :-

BEST deal in Town!
 Fish N Chip @ Manhanttan Fish Market
FOR RM6.99 ONLY!!!!!!!!

Is my favourite o!!!!! =))

Manhattan Fish Market

* Click on link above to see* =D

ONLY Valid for Today and Tomorrow
(29 March & 30 March 2012)

For those Fish N Chip lover...
Do go to Grab this Great deal! =D

== Stay Tune For More Nice Deal Sharing ==

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm BACK! =D

After like YearssssssSSSS...

Finally I am back to BLOG!! =D

So sorry to all the visitor to my blog!

I will update my blog as Frequent as I can started from NOW! ^o^
* Full with Energy *

Let's talk about what i've done for ALL this time! =))

As the Last Post,
Previously I was Selling some Coloured Lens! *wink*

Each pair RM25 (Including Pos Laju) =))

Other than that, I am Graduated lu!!!!

After study for 3 years in USM....
Study time pass just like that...

End of Study stage in my Life! ♥
Here is one of the photo of my Graduation :-

* with my bro and sisters * =))

Next stage of Life after graduated lu!

*Happy + Sad Mood*


- Can earn money and buy Many Many Things I like! =P
-Need to wake up EARLY everyday!!!

No matter How.. I will make My working Life also
AS COLORFUL AS i can... *Wink*

Above is one of My Energy Resource

Use my weekend Perfectly with PLansssSSS ...
Wakakaka...... XD

I will upload back some of Plans of mine for previous Monthssss =))

Hope you all will like it! =))

♥ == Stay Tune for my IPOH trip Post == ♥

Thursday, May 26, 2011

♥ Barbie Sunshine ♥ RM30 (Included pos express)

Barbie Sunshine

Another type of Barbie Doll Lens o~!!! =D

It is also 16mm.....
Same with other barbie doll lens!

Have a look on the Barbie Sunshine Lens : -

Barbie Sunshine Blue

Sunshine Brown

Sunshine Green

Sunshine Green

Sunshine Violet

The price for barbie doll lens is
RM35  RM30 ONLY!!! =))

Or if you buy 5 Pairs
FREE 1 PAIR o!!!!! ^^

For more information can view our
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