Monday, December 21, 2009

Deep inside Feelings

Something hide deep inside heart~
Something cannot discover from surface~
Something that out of control~

Ya ya~ that's called feeling!!!

Cant seen by eye...
If do not say about it,
people will never know~

Only can feel it with HEART!!!


Someone will always know~
Although did not say it out...
Someone feel it by heart...
Someone understand about your feeling....

Without tell anything~
Show anything~

All the feelings deep inside heart
Someone can know about it.....

Do you have found your SOMEONE?

Person that can understand you so much~
Person that can give you a hug
when you need to~
Just stay by your side
when you need to~

No matter how hard you hide
SOMEONE will know......

The special person that understand you so much....

That's why~
I love my SOMEONE so much... =p

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Don't judge a book by its COVER

"Don't judge a book by its cover"
this phrase not just me and you know...
i guess everyone also hear about this phrase before...

Let's talk about it in human~

How many people really just

appearance is so important for people...
it always gives people the first impression!!!
So,how come we DON'T JUDGE by its cover???

When apply a job...
How much can the interviewer know about
the "inner" of the person???

the person look become the first point
when they decide want to hire the person or not!!!

A tidy look~
A formal look~
Is always the main requirement look!!!
Really quite hard to get a job.....

When choosing partner...
Are you sure you NEVER JUDGE by its COVER??

Love at first sight
always just happen when you just
see his/her look~
that mean.....
it is very normal when a people look at apperance first
when choosing their partner!

It doesn't mean the guy or girl
must very very very handsome or pretty and beautiful.....

BUT just need to be look..............
I think this word more suitable....

I didn't mean that inner beauty is not important
Just that people will always judge the looks before inner part....

Inner part is as important as appearance too~
Just that people will
look at your look first!
Because inner beauty need to use time to discover....
Not same like appearance,
can easily seen........

A book's cover is as important as the contents of the book!
A nice cover sometime can even attract
more people to read.... =)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Do u ever believe that the available of angle?

Angle that always stay beside you
protect you~
bring happiness to you~
help you~

No matter what happen
also always there for you
when you need!

I hear a story before.....

Angle will fly here and there
to search for the partner
they responsible to protect!

The angle will protect him/her
take care him/her
give all love to him.her

No matter is day or night
rainny or sunny day~

Angle will stay beside him/her
be with him/her
givin helps when him/her needed

When angle find the ONLY ONE
they will broke their wings
and stay besides the only one partner
that they found......

Appreciate the angle besides you...
Their loves their cares
And Everything!!!

Because Your Angle Love You.......

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time machine

"If I could turn back time,I will......."

People always will say this...
Think that they will
like this or like tat

If one day
you really get a time machine
that just can use once!!!
What time will you want to back to??

Do you ever think about this question before?
If only have one chance...
The only chance!!!

i remember i watch a movie before
the movie title "17 again"
such a meaningful movie...

The main actor regret about the road he had chose
when he was 17 years old~
He really get a second chance back to 17 again!!!

At the end~
he stil choosing back the same road...


each time we make decision
it is always the best
and don be regret about what we have done!

TRUST THE ROAD we have take!

Never regret with what we have done....
Never think that we did it wrong....
Enjoy life

regret this and that o!

Remember that life that we choose

LOVE calculator

How you calculate in LOVE
I mean the marks you give to your partner...

We always know...
In exam,
what is the best always is 100%!!!

People always say wan find a 100% partner...
Can we find a 100% partner???
how you gonna calculate?
how only consider as 100%?

By physical look?
~handsome,cute or both?
Or by talent and richness???
OR by how romantic your partner are??

We do not have an exactly answer~
I guess nobody can giv an exactly answer as well...
COZ the love calculator inside everyone's heart are different!

There is no wrong or correct
like exam question in love...
All just judge by your partner...

Maybe for somebody this is wrong
But for others is correct...
What we can accept is different...
coz we think differently

Love is a feeling~
Love is something special~
something that are uncontrollable~
It just happen suddenly~
we cannot predict when it come
And when it go~

Trust me!
Love calculator only function when you not in love yet...
Once you in love...

You would not care so much dy~

Catch your love tightly before it gone~
Do not compare with others~
Appreciate what you have
Coz it belongs to you...
it is always THE BEST! =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Holidays come after busy life...
Complicated feeling appear
When holidays come...
The feeling really very complicated...

I like holiday~

Each time holiday...
I cant see some1 for that time...

The feeling of missing increase and increase...
I wish to know what he was doing....
I can't stop thinking about him....
I mis him....

No matter is
Day or Night

The weather is
Hot or Cold

Whenever I'm
Whatever I'm doing
Nothing can stop me from
mis him

Holiday is such feeling for me...
But I stil like holiday...

Sometime can have this feeling
Actually quite nice and sweet....
Coz i know he will mis me as well...
It makes me more appreciate time
together him...

appreciate time together wif
your love one....