Friday, July 30, 2010

BEST Penang Hokkien Mee ( Prawn Mee) !!!!!!!

Today I want to
Recommend to You All

Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee) ^^

Question 1 :
Where To Eat??

Ans : Come~! I bring you tere~  ;)

Yep! Is at Medan Selera Taman Sentosa!!!
Located at Bukit Mertajam o...
Mean is Penang MainLand tere =)

Question 2 :
Which Stall? What is the name?

Answer :
Stall Number 14

Here is the sign  :-

YES!! Penang Famous Prawn Mee!!!

Don't Believe?!
I show You....

This sure make YOU

The Yummy Yummy
Hokkien Mee! :D

Take a Closer View ;)
So you can see

Is NICE le? :P

The Sambal got
OWN RECIPE de le!!!!

So is Really....

1 word

Question 3 :
What time open and close?

Answer :
6pm - 10.30 pm

Make sure
Go at Right Time!
Right Place!

Kakaz :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GYM~! I'm coming~

Today I'm Gonna to GO~

Keep Busying Working!
No time to exercise at all!!!! :(

I'm FAT jor...
Maybe because sit in office~

I want to be FIT!!!

With Good Body Shape!

I'm gonna show few of the
GYM equipment... ;)

I think Most Girls
Like to play this... ;)

For GUY..
They would like to build muscle!!!
wakaka XD

So they need THIS!!!!

All too HEAVY for me... :P

All this equipment
Are expensive!!

Better go GYM for free... :P

Have A Nice Day...
Healthy Life! :D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Taipei's Yummy Snacks~!

Today I'm gonna to introdue you all
Some Taipei's yummy snacks! ;)

Here it is : -

Yep! Is "Di Gua Qiu"
This is the pin yin o... :)

Is sweet potato make de o~
I think is very yummy!
Kakaz :D

I show you how he cook! ;)

The oil look so clean~
Hehehe...Tat's make me feels more healthy! :P

Fried fried fried~~

It's ReaDy lu~~ ^o^

Am I look funny?
I guess ya!
Coz is so HOT le~~
Hand unable to hold it at all!!! :P

Feels wanna eat dy!
Hahaha... XD

This is my sister! :)
She is enjoying the
"Di Gua Qiu"

Love it~~
 Try it if you Go there ya ^^

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MummY BiRthDay @ Nandos Auto City

My Lovely Mummy's birthday
Last week!!!!
So we all decide to celebrate with her.... =]

Because of Mum wanna eat
So we go have dinner at
Nandos auto city ;)

Nandos at Auto City
Upstairs is Tao o! =)

Wait for waitress to serve...
Got Menu to see!!

Let's Go in!!!!

Here is the menu :-

Choose choose choose~
What to eat le???
Luckily got sister to decide everthing! :P

While I'm busying
Take picture around there...

Wanna Taste this? :P

Counter is over there ;)

I think the lamp quite nice :P

There sitting a big family
Have about 12 ppls!!!
So have to wait for our food..... :(

Kakaz :D
Feels too free to capture this!

This is what so popular!!!
The Extra Hot, Hot Source!!
I like the Tomato :P

Can't wait to Makan Dy!!!!!

The Drinks is here~~

This very nice!!!!
Is apple de.... :)
worth although not bottomless

Iced Lemon Tea
My favourite !! *heart*

100 plus....
bottomless for this! =)
Iced Lemon Tea Too ^^

This is the food!
Yummy yummy~
Is Mild Wing Part Chicken =]

Here is the side line ;)

The coleslaw!!
Nice and healthy o ;)

The rice...
Nice nice....^o^

The FRIES!!!!!!
My favourite~~ :P
Really Yummy............

The starter!
Look nice right? ;)

I like the sausage...:P
The chicken wings and drumstick too...
You really must try this!

What a happy day!
Can enjoy yummy food...
And Spend time with family!
Enjoy it~~

Have a nice day to all blogger...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Colourless Weekday!~

This week....
I was SO busy!!!!!!
No time to Blog at all... :(

Everyday Do Program....
Coding til I blur blur lu~~ @@

Sleepy Face....
But this kitten still so cute!! :P

Besides , no $$ dy!!!

Still X time to get Salary!
Cham T.T

Is time to say
"Good Bye"

" I don't want to leave"
"But I have too..."

Sing 1st :
"ngo sei bat tak lei~~~~ yea~~~"
A cantonese song!

Good Bye My fren....(spicegirl's old song)

No More Shopping! :(
must save save lu!!

The Pig so rich! :P
hehehe... I wan the $$ too...
Kakaz :D

need to continue
CODING dy.....


Go go Gambate ^o^

Friday, July 9, 2010

Famous Mee Sua At Taiwan =]

Today I would like to introduce
A very famous food at Taiwan!

Coz the people say :
If you didn't try it,
Seems like you never been Taiwan!!!

Come~I show u ;)

Ya~Ah Zong Mian Xian
The chinese Pin Yin ^^

There are alot of peoples Queue up de o!

My sister Queue Up ^^
Waiting For turn to Buy!

Take the photo while they doing :P
All so serious o!
Must Be very Yummy food! =]

The Chef
Looks Cool when guy cook??
lol XD

Joke joke only! ;)
For me Always is My DeaR most Cool! :P

Here is the Yummy Food :-

*Ah Zong Mee Sua*

Hehehe...You can have a try if go Taiwan ^^
At xi men ding o!

Have a Break With Comic

Have a break when you're tired!
Work or study never end...
So Why don't you
Stop the task on hand
And see COMIC.... :P

Just to relax your mind ~♥

Such special "cheese"
i think not just cheese...
more more inventions coming :P

WIN is not everthing....
Maybe you lost something
Just to WIN something...
Good Lesson!
lol XD

Following is a chinese version comic :-

Let me explain ;)

*Now blogging is very popular*
*The fren say : "Yoyo,you blog everyday?"*
*ans : of coz!*
*The fren say : "Got so many things to write?"*
*The blog : sept xxday
Today I eat XX...
Today I eat XX...
Today I eat XX...
* ans : everyday just copy can dy.
Computer so effiecient*

Funny hor?
Kakaz :D

The Last Comic....
Something we familiar with....
Guess What?
Have a look then you will know ;)

(Comic Version)

Hope You Feels Happy
After see this Funny + Cute
Comic! :P

*Have A nice Day*