Sunday, March 21, 2010

Music In My heart ♥♥

Become part in my life
Since I was young
It has come into my life

When i was just 6 years old
I have started attend music class
At first
I feels scare to attend class
Reason : The teacher very fierce o!!!!

Still remember day before competition
I get scolded coz
I suddenly lost direction
And makes lotz mistakes....

I'm very scare
Really very scare

On the competition day
I success done it well
Hear the claps from audience
I feels so happy
At the same time
I gain my confidents

There was the 1st competition I take part
I get the 1st!!!!
I am so so so happy...
It is an unforgetable memories in life...

~brings happiness to me
~a type of relaxation for me
~comfort my feelings

No matter is happy or sad
Plays different kind of role
In my life

Is my favorite
I feels it was great
IF i have the chance to learn it

In Future
I wish I could have the chance

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