Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A visit to Kaffa Expresso Bar

It's been years I never write my blog. Checked back the last date of my last post was last year!! >.<  It's really such a long time.
Now I'm back to write my blog again! :) Feel so happy and excited!!! Hahaha. . But not sure how to start. Since last Saturday I just have a day out to meet my ex - roomie (who I also long time no see her dy!!! But not as long as my abandoned blog.. :P) So, here is my 1st blog after years never update! :)

Here is the 1st photo.. captured outside the restaurant. Yes! Is Kaffa Espresso Bar which located at Green Hall, Penang.  :)

This is the view I can see clearly from the place I sit. :) it's exactly in front of us. But is really hard to take this photo! Reason : Popular seat (The seat very fast being taken once the previous customer leave)

Let's make some order 1st! Here is some photos taken :-

Just some random photo taken at the counter for ordering. 

Cakes!!!!! *drooling* 
Dessert is always so attractive :P

While waiting for our drinks, take some photos.

It's me! 

My ex roomie
(who I stay with for 3 years in uni time)

Ta da~ Our order is here dy! 
Let me introduce to you all.

Café Freddo RM12 
-is cold drink 

Big Bites Breakfast RM18.90

This is order by her. Take a photo of her with her drink and breakfast! :)

Here Is my drink!!! 
Before I pay a visit to this restaurant I already decided what to try. :P

Salted Caramel Machiatto RM12.50

The top part have some design, it is a hot drink. 
Personally I think it's nice! 
Due to I din drink coffee often, so I cannot comment much on it.
Do have a try when you pay a visit! ;)

Next will be the attractive dessert!!!!
I love cake <3 nbsp="" p="">

Oreo cheese cake RM11
It's really did not disappointed me! 
It tastes really nice and smooth! 

It's a nice place to hang out with friends. 
Can relax and have a long chat with friends.  
We were there for around 4 hours!! >. <

Perhaps is the nice relax environment make us doesn't really realised the time past so fast!!
Of coz we have too many topics to talk about. ;)

A photo of us

It taken with my new Note3 front camera.
I really think this phone's camera very nice! 

All the photos in this post is taken with the Note3 camera. That's also another reason I am back to write blog. As I have such a nice camera (personal thought), so have to share with friends some photos of my recent life. :)

Better stop talking unrelated thing.  
Let me share all photos around the café!;)

This is the roof place where there is place to sit as well. 
If you visit the shop at night, it might be a good place which you can feel the wind. ;)

This is the photo at front door. 

The shop will be open till late! 

 End the post with a photo we take at behind the shop. :)


Nick said...

good post, the place is very nice! :) can't wait to try out the coffee :D

hoay said...

Hehe thanks! :) it's a nice place to relax and drink coffee :P

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