Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pingu Cafe Dinner With Frenz~

Sorry Again~!!!
Coz I am late to post again.... :$

Recently busy with my research report...
And also celebrating
  My Birthday ♥

Here is the Pingu Cafe...
Which I have dinner with
my uni frenz~  ^^

Here is the place.... =)
The wall have >5
Exactly same de clock o~!!!! =P

The Penguin hanging is so Cute~!!!!! ><

What is inside the photo? =P

Is sosej o~!!!

Kakaz :D
The shape is so Creative~! =)

After capture some photo...
Of coz is time to

Here is the menu :-

Look Nice from the menu hor??? =P

My drinks is here :-

I order this coz...
The name of this drinks is SPECIAL~!


For those who like to drink...
Sweet sweet..
This is might become ur choice... =)

I think it is ok only~! ^^

In the picture...
Can see us from the mirror!
Kakaz :D

Finally Food Are served~!!!!
That time i was very
Hungry~~~~ ><

Here is the food :-

~Original Chicken Steak~

~Thai Style Chicken Steak~

The food....
Honestly......Not very nice... :$

Or maybe I should say
It doesn't meet my requirement.... =)

The cafe provide
a card...
Which eat more than 10 times
Will get free 1 o~!  ^^

Is a happy Dinner...
Coz I been so long did not
Have the chance with
My frenz... =)

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