Monday, November 29, 2010

My Holiday Time ~! =)

Just Back from Melaka trip with family~! =)
Is really Tiring coz travel far!
 But Great TIME!!!! :D

It been long time never
Travel with whole family~
So it really happy!!!! :)

Yesterday night once reach home...
Direct sleep!!!

Sleep at my own bed
Was so so nice~!!!! Kakaz :P

Went to Melaka
Mostly is just eat Eat EAT.........

Makan makan is happiest moment!!!

But now back home dy....
So is time to....
Keep fit back dy~!!!! >.<

Exercise Exercise Exercise!!!!!
Jia you jia you :P

Is a short update...
Talking about my personal
Holiday life....

Hope you all won't feel like Boring ya....
(like picture below!hahaha.. :P)

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Uruchimaru @ kf said...

emm very nice holiday..

well takecare !

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