Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Promotion!

Christmas soon soon reach lu~~
Wondering about what presents to give???

How about coloured contact lens? =P

PROMOTION now o~~~!!!!
Buy 2 Pairs get RM5 Discount~!!!!
Worth worth..... =)

There are lot lotz different type of
Coloured Lens here!!!

RM35 (Include Pos Express)
1. Dreamy- i 14.5mm
2. Blytheye 14.0mm
3. Pop-c Dark 15.5mm
4. Pop-c Light 15.5mm
5. Pricess Nudy 14.7mm

RM40 (Include Pos Express)
1. Super Barbie Nudy 16mm
2. Super Barbie Princess 16mm
3. Barbie Queen 16mm
4. Barbie Berry 16mm
5. Barbie Diamond 16mm
6. Doll Series 16mm

RM45 (Include Pos Express)
1. Barbie Sugar Candy 16mm
2. Barbie Kira kira 14.5mm
3. Puffy 3 Tone 14.5mm
4. Gothic 14.5mm
5. Dizon eye 14.5mm
6. Dolly Eye 14.2mm

RM55 (Include Pos Express)
1. I-Fairy Ruby 16.2mm
2. I-Fairy Jewel 16.2mm
3. I-Fairy Super Crystal 16.2mm

Below is some of the photo o~! =)

Dreamy-i Grey

I-fairy ruby red

Barbie Queen Blue

Barbie Princess Violet

Sugar Candy Pink

Barbie Kira kira Green

Puffy 3 Tone Brown

Blytheye Pink

Super Barbie Nudy Black

Barbie Berry Grey

Gothic 3 tones sapphire

Barbie Diamond Brown

Dizon eye aqua

Doll Series Violet

Dolly Eye

I-fairy Jewel Green

Pop-c Dark Brown
Princess Nudy Grey

I-fairy Super Crystal Pink

Due to too many lens for different brand..
So I just pick 1 colour for each type! =)

If feel interest...
Can go to view photo here :-

Can add in facebook o~! ^^
Make order through there
or here also can~! ;)

Hope you all will like it!

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