Monday, December 6, 2010

Mcdonald's! I'm Lovin it~! ♥

Mcdonald's is one of my favourite
Fast Food Restaurant! ♥

I guess is lotz people favourite too! =P
Especially because nowadays
Everyday from 12-3pm
Also got Promotion!!! =D

What is this?
I think everyone familiar with it~! ;)
Coz I can saw the advertisement on TV!

Sing song about the
~McChicken VS McChicken Supreme~

With extra ham + tomato
Make the McChicken ---> McChicken Supreme!
All McChicken Lover must try it o~! =)

Here is the lunch together my big sister and mum
On Saturday~! =)

Normally I used to order Fillet-O-Fish...
But the McChicken really attract me!!

Can say for the 1st time...
I order McChicken! =P

Chicken McDeluxe!♥
Yummy Yummy!!!!!! =P
Since my mum never try before...
So Big Sis order for mum~

Favourite Fries~!!!!! ♥♥
With My big sis de Spicy Chicken... =)

McChicken Really Make me feel so Full!!!!
Compare to Fillet-o-Fish~
Ekeke.... (my opinion =P)

Nice Time and Great Day~!
Enjoyable Lunch!!!!
I'm Lovin it~♥


Uruchimaru @ kf said...

lalala..i'm lovin itttttttttt!

long time no eat mcd huhuhu...

princeman said...

me too.
I love Fillet-o-Fish.
Mcdonald will start their delivery service in Japan.
Since it is always packed, I am happy.

KwOnG FeI said...

wow.. i miss McD!!
my favourtie is their ayam goreng mcd spicy

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