Friday, March 30, 2012

Groupon Mali IPOH =D

There are ALOT different different website
Which Selling those Voucher
* cheaper price if you purchase and use it within the time line given *

One of the website is called 

Just Yesterday I finally saw that...
There are DEAL available for Ipoh! 

* Isn't a Good News for all Ipoh people?!?!* =))

Here is the deal which located @ Ipoh GreenTown

Click on the above link, 
Then you can see the Deal!!!! =D

~ One of the photo I grab from Groupon ~ 

It just RM9.90 for 2 Main Course!!!!! =D
*Look so worth* ;)

If you are Dessert lover,
Then you can go for this deal? Maybe....... 

*click on link above to see the deal*

~One of the photo I grab from Groupon~ 

Is a good choices for Tea Time
With Friendssssssssssss~ =))

Ipoh People! Here is something I would like to share to you all! =))

== Stay Tune for more Deal Sharing == 

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