Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm BACK! =D

After like YearssssssSSSS...

Finally I am back to BLOG!! =D

So sorry to all the visitor to my blog!

I will update my blog as Frequent as I can started from NOW! ^o^
* Full with Energy *

Let's talk about what i've done for ALL this time! =))

As the Last Post,
Previously I was Selling some Coloured Lens! *wink*

Each pair RM25 (Including Pos Laju) =))

Other than that, I am Graduated lu!!!!

After study for 3 years in USM....
Study time pass just like that...

End of Study stage in my Life! ♥
Here is one of the photo of my Graduation :-

* with my bro and sisters * =))

Next stage of Life after graduated lu!

*Happy + Sad Mood*


- Can earn money and buy Many Many Things I like! =P
-Need to wake up EARLY everyday!!!

No matter How.. I will make My working Life also
AS COLORFUL AS i can... *Wink*

Above is one of My Energy Resource

Use my weekend Perfectly with PLansssSSS ...
Wakakaka...... XD

I will upload back some of Plans of mine for previous Monthssss =))

Hope you all will like it! =))

♥ == Stay Tune for my IPOH trip Post == ♥

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