Thursday, December 17, 2009

LOVE calculator

How you calculate in LOVE
I mean the marks you give to your partner...

We always know...
In exam,
what is the best always is 100%!!!

People always say wan find a 100% partner...
Can we find a 100% partner???
how you gonna calculate?
how only consider as 100%?

By physical look?
~handsome,cute or both?
Or by talent and richness???
OR by how romantic your partner are??

We do not have an exactly answer~
I guess nobody can giv an exactly answer as well...
COZ the love calculator inside everyone's heart are different!

There is no wrong or correct
like exam question in love...
All just judge by your partner...

Maybe for somebody this is wrong
But for others is correct...
What we can accept is different...
coz we think differently

Love is a feeling~
Love is something special~
something that are uncontrollable~
It just happen suddenly~
we cannot predict when it come
And when it go~

Trust me!
Love calculator only function when you not in love yet...
Once you in love...

You would not care so much dy~

Catch your love tightly before it gone~
Do not compare with others~
Appreciate what you have
Coz it belongs to you...
it is always THE BEST! =)

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Green said...

love is like a puzzle...
once matches, 100% on calculator...
no rules and no answer...
it's just that simple :)

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