Monday, December 21, 2009

Deep inside Feelings

Something hide deep inside heart~
Something cannot discover from surface~
Something that out of control~

Ya ya~ that's called feeling!!!

Cant seen by eye...
If do not say about it,
people will never know~

Only can feel it with HEART!!!


Someone will always know~
Although did not say it out...
Someone feel it by heart...
Someone understand about your feeling....

Without tell anything~
Show anything~

All the feelings deep inside heart
Someone can know about it.....

Do you have found your SOMEONE?

Person that can understand you so much~
Person that can give you a hug
when you need to~
Just stay by your side
when you need to~

No matter how hard you hide
SOMEONE will know......

The special person that understand you so much....

That's why~
I love my SOMEONE so much... =p

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Nick said...

hehehe =) so deep yet so meaningful =) kakaka ^^

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