Saturday, December 19, 2009


Do u ever believe that the available of angle?

Angle that always stay beside you
protect you~
bring happiness to you~
help you~

No matter what happen
also always there for you
when you need!

I hear a story before.....

Angle will fly here and there
to search for the partner
they responsible to protect!

The angle will protect him/her
take care him/her
give all love to him.her

No matter is day or night
rainny or sunny day~

Angle will stay beside him/her
be with him/her
givin helps when him/her needed

When angle find the ONLY ONE
they will broke their wings
and stay besides the only one partner
that they found......

Appreciate the angle besides you...
Their loves their cares
And Everything!!!

Because Your Angle Love You.......


Nick said...

kekeke.. angel.. a sweet one =)

hoay said...

hehehe...get idea writing this coz hubby o!!blekkkk =p

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