Thursday, August 26, 2010

Memorable Taiwan~♥

Today I'm Gonna Share
A place at Taiwan~! ^ ^

I'm not Really Rmb the place name......
Sorry~! :$

But There are History
About president of Taiwan! (Old time)

Outside ~
Picture Of Me and My family ;)

Hehehe...Nice =)

LET's move to inside view ;)
I'm gonna show you all
The Workplace of
President Old Time~~

Nice hor? ;)
Yea~! These build to keep the memory about Him !

There are a clock there.
Which Show exactly the time....
When he is passed away~ :(

Is antique for me....
wakaka XD

Coz now no chance to see
This anymore ma... :P

Show you all the picture
of this President :-

The photo of President and His lovely wife~ ♥

hehehe...His Wife help him alot ~  ;)

Coming Next....
CAR!!! :D

Nice Hor? :P
Is priceless o!!!!!

Last Photo
My lovely Mummy and Aunty~ ♥

So Happy When See Both of Them
Always smile and happy =)

Life Is great ~♥


sleeping child said...

If not mistaken~
tis call 中正纪念堂 ~~ hehe

Celeste xiao fang said...

Nice trip, I oso wan to go Taiwan~~~~ ♥

John said...

yes it is 中正纪念堂

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