Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ye Liu At Taiwan~! ;)

I'm gonna post Smtg
Really Interesting & Special
At Taiwan o~~! :D

Is a place called
"Ye Liu"

First picture :-

My Mummy~ ^^
This picture give a nice view hor? :P

The stone that shaped by environment. =)
Is really amazing!!!

Sharing My pic with mum~
Kakaz :D

Know who is tat?
Is someone very worth to remember!
He saves someone who drop into sea...
He lost his life~

So build thist to remember him~! =)

Guess What Is This?

Can Guess Hor? :P
Slipper Shape!!!! :D

So so special o~

Another Picture ^^

Cute Hor?
Like Turtle.... :P

Feel The Sea!
Wind is so Nice~! :D

The Queen's Head
Most Popular There!!!! ^^

Look Exactly Like Le!!!!!

Nice Place!
Must visit here is
Go Taiwan Ya ^^


Bell's said...

oorh! i missed taiwan so much ! been there 5 years ago...and i reali reali miss their food !!!
still rmb when i was at a-dunno-which-place (FORGOT), there was an aunty selling eggs at a very small stall(小贩)
then all of a sudden she askED me to look after her stall and she went to washroom. =.=
me....become an egg seller in taiwan

zalizalu said...

turtle become rock or what? ("\(^_^)/")

mizzura said...

wau...nice photo there..did you manage to visit the tallest building in taiwan - taipei 101? put some photo here...always hoping to visit the building one day..

Jaerragus said...

Been there a few times, Taiwan ppl are really friendly... nice pics...

nosembilanbelas said...

bestnya gie taiwan...just notice. u are so cute

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