Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Way to Sing k????

New way to sing k?
Wat would it be???
How different wil it be with last time?????

No no no no~~~
Is not a new way to sing k!!!!!!!!!!!!
is a new place to sing k o ^o^

IT CALLED NEWAY karaoke box.....

You are correct!!!!!!!
Penang Queensbay Mall is the place............
At 3rd Floor ( south zone )

Will openin at May 2010....
A new place
-> Hav fun
-> Enjoy with frenz
-> MOST IMPORTANT is SING!!!!!!!!!!!!! =p

K-Buffet o....^o^
And is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wakaka XD

There is a competition before the opening....
Take picture with this NEWAY Mascot o ^o^

A chance to take picture with this CUTE NEWAY Mascot
And at the same time can win Prizezzzzzzzzzzz o!!!!!!!

Got 3 Type of competition : -
1. Take individual photo of you and NEWAY Mascot
2. Group photo with NEWAY Mascot ( 4 ppls above )
3. Family photo with NEWAT Mascot

With ur creativity~~
Take picture ya ^^
Maybe You will be the winner!!!!!!!!

The Prize include Voucher and also mystery gift o!!!!
hehehe....Do try to join this competition~
If you met the NEWAY Mascot....

Queensbay Mall Penang Is the place.........
Enjoy NeWay to Sing On May 2010 ^o^


kumfye said...

a new way to sing k...true true...sing k in new way is a new way to sing k...btw, happy blogging...

hoay said...

Kakaz~~Is a new XD

Stefanie said...

Haha! I just told my friends about this for weekend. :D

araleling said...

submit the competition to where wo?
The mascot will appear at Queensbay? lol

hoay said...

Stefanie : really??? hehehe...New place o ^^
araleling : send to =)
Yep...Appear in Queensbay de...I saw it on Sunday. ^^

~Bloggerina~ said...

got neway in Puchong too. the room+sound-superb..the food,i like redbox/greenbox better. the song selection-not as extensive as redbox

hoay said...

really???hehehe...Queensbay mall de not yet open ...wil hav a try wil open =)

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