Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MummY BiRthDay @ Nandos Auto City

My Lovely Mummy's birthday
Last week!!!!
So we all decide to celebrate with her.... =]

Because of Mum wanna eat
So we go have dinner at
Nandos auto city ;)

Nandos at Auto City
Upstairs is Tao o! =)

Wait for waitress to serve...
Got Menu to see!!

Let's Go in!!!!

Here is the menu :-

Choose choose choose~
What to eat le???
Luckily got sister to decide everthing! :P

While I'm busying
Take picture around there...

Wanna Taste this? :P

Counter is over there ;)

I think the lamp quite nice :P

There sitting a big family
Have about 12 ppls!!!
So have to wait for our food..... :(

Kakaz :D
Feels too free to capture this!

This is what so popular!!!
The Extra Hot, Hot Source!!
I like the Tomato :P

Can't wait to Makan Dy!!!!!

The Drinks is here~~

This very nice!!!!
Is apple de.... :)
worth although not bottomless

Iced Lemon Tea
My favourite !! *heart*

100 plus....
bottomless for this! =)
Iced Lemon Tea Too ^^

This is the food!
Yummy yummy~
Is Mild Wing Part Chicken =]

Here is the side line ;)

The coleslaw!!
Nice and healthy o ;)

The rice...
Nice nice....^o^

The FRIES!!!!!!
My favourite~~ :P
Really Yummy............

The starter!
Look nice right? ;)

I like the sausage...:P
The chicken wings and drumstick too...
You really must try this!

What a happy day!
Can enjoy yummy food...
And Spend time with family!
Enjoy it~~

Have a nice day to all blogger...


v!vi@n said... mum's bday is last week too^^ i love the fries from nandos too..its the best i think...of all..hahahaha

ken said...

to think of it, i havent tried nando's before.. lol..
happy belated birthday to your mum.. =)

Aidi-Safuan said...

happy birthday to your mum! :)

AiDa AzRyN said...

Happy belated birthday to your mum yaw! ;)

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

hepy besday for u mummy hoay !

KwOnG FeI said...

been long time din go to nandos ever since their price increased and their exorbitant service charge
btw, i'm from ucsi

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