Friday, July 9, 2010

Famous Mee Sua At Taiwan =]

Today I would like to introduce
A very famous food at Taiwan!

Coz the people say :
If you didn't try it,
Seems like you never been Taiwan!!!

Come~I show u ;)

Ya~Ah Zong Mian Xian
The chinese Pin Yin ^^

There are alot of peoples Queue up de o!

My sister Queue Up ^^
Waiting For turn to Buy!

Take the photo while they doing :P
All so serious o!
Must Be very Yummy food! =]

The Chef
Looks Cool when guy cook??
lol XD

Joke joke only! ;)
For me Always is My DeaR most Cool! :P

Here is the Yummy Food :-

*Ah Zong Mee Sua*

Hehehe...You can have a try if go Taiwan ^^
At xi men ding o!


v!vi@n said... tempting..i wanna go!!!

LION GIRL said...

Must try it when go Taiwan! Now, Sitiawan's mee suah good enough lor.

Doris Lai said...

Yummy... i saw it in Taiwan food show in Astro but I never try it before..

renaye said...

thanks for informing us!! will try! but at the mean time i will substitute setiawan mee sua!


Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Is this the same mee in Shilin? The small retail shops in Malaysia. :)

Wawa~* said...

looks so yummy... am hungry already. hehehe

:@) 2 said...

I love xi men ding... used to stay there when I visited taiwan... nothing beats shilin night market though that place is crazy...

mee sua looks good though I'll try it when i go back sometime in october

Nikel Khor said...

last time i go...try it soup in cold weather..very nice..

vialentino said...

yum yum....i have two bowls of this when each time i visit his stall during my taiwan holiday trip...very nice rite...

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
Look so yummy..!! :]
Thanks for ur nanged!
Nanged and clicked on ur advertisement ^^

MistyMelony said...

Monday open what time and close what time? This one at Ximenting or Shilin? Thanks.

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