Friday, July 9, 2010

Have a Break With Comic

Have a break when you're tired!
Work or study never end...
So Why don't you
Stop the task on hand
And see COMIC.... :P

Just to relax your mind ~♥

Such special "cheese"
i think not just cheese...
more more inventions coming :P

WIN is not everthing....
Maybe you lost something
Just to WIN something...
Good Lesson!
lol XD

Following is a chinese version comic :-

Let me explain ;)

*Now blogging is very popular*
*The fren say : "Yoyo,you blog everyday?"*
*ans : of coz!*
*The fren say : "Got so many things to write?"*
*The blog : sept xxday
Today I eat XX...
Today I eat XX...
Today I eat XX...
* ans : everyday just copy can dy.
Computer so effiecient*

Funny hor?
Kakaz :D

The Last Comic....
Something we familiar with....
Guess What?
Have a look then you will know ;)

(Comic Version)

Hope You Feels Happy
After see this Funny + Cute
Comic! :P

*Have A nice Day*


Nick said...

hahahaah.. funny finny.. like it!!!

Wan Haffiz said...

hhaha..nice comic..can release my tension for a while..hehhe said...

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Nhrsm said...

ahahahah.. lumayan
nice n funny comics :D

Xjion89 said...

long time din watch Garfield comic~~^^

btw, need your help a bit. If you have time, just read my latest post!~if you need help back, dun hesitate to ask me(^^)~~~I will try my best to help too~~~thanks 1st~

Čღήήϊє ♥ ﺖ said...

lol the monkey comic damn nice! ;D

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