Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Environment At Taiwan

Forget to transfer my Dim Sum Picture... ><
So sorry o ~
Hehehe...Will Update about that soon ya ^^

So today I will
Continue post about the Taiwan Trip
I went previously~! ;)

Green Environment
A relaxation place... =)

Fresh Air there...
So so nice being there!
Here is a photo of me :-

Kakaz :D
Hit IT as loud as u can!!!
Is smtg good o~ ;)

My Aunty with another drum.. =]

Can see the nice environment behind...
And It it Cold~! :P

My dear sister =)
This photo has the feeling of village...
Nice nice o~ ^^

Next Photo
Got something to Guess o~! ;)

Guess What is that?
Is a dustbin~!
So creative & nice o...
Use to throw rubbish
abit waste hor?

Another interesting picture:-

This Bridge abit scary...
ahem ahem... ><

Coz is swing while walking o!!!
Plus , Under it is river!!!
Special Feel... =)

Last photo :-
Lesson: Don't touch!

See this nice nice flower?
Do Not Touch!
Poison o~~

That's why people always say...
Don simply "Touch" flower at roadside...

Have a nice day~ :D


jfook said...

Nice and peaceful place. XD

Thristhan said...

beautiful and peaceful place, hope to visit it one day :)

Xjion89 said...

the drum is cool!
The flowers are really super big!!!~~
supported here^^

Haley McAdams said...

This is really a nice place! Where exactly in Taiwan is it? I hope I can also go here. It feels like a really great idea for a recreational activity with the family.

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