Saturday, September 11, 2010

OutinG To ReD Box~

What Normally You will do when Holiday?
How about me?
Times for my family!!!! :D

I went Red Box with my mum & sis~
Coz my mum ♥ to SING~!!!
Kakaz ^^

Can't believe it?
Lol XD
Is true o~~

I did not capture any picture....
Other than FOOD~!!!:P

Let me share with you all :-

Hehehe....For me tis is NICE~! :P

Nearer view o :P

Another food....
I forgot what fried rice dy... ><
Sorry ya! Hehehe....

Not bad not bad~! ;)
Enjoy SING more...Lol XD

The Last Food~!
Got sausage, potato & salad.. ^^
Hehehe... =)

Closer view again! ><

What most important in life is
Moments with Family ya~!
Appreciate it!! :D

Of coz enjoy nice food
at the same time! :P

Sorry for long time did not update~!
Keep visit me ya ^^

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ken said...

the food looks nice =)

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