Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dim Sum

Sorry To All Blogger
And those who read my blog...
Untill Now only I post this! ><
Really SORRY bout that~

Recently abit busy o...
Nearly the end of my intern life dy! ^^
So need to rush alots of documents~~!!

Now Let Me share the post of Dim Sum
Which I had with my parents
During I back to home! =)

It was Sunday morning..
So, You all can guess all
Dim Sum Restaurants are FULL!!! ><

What to do?
Find and search for not Over Crowded de! :P

Here is the tea :


Pu Er tea o~
The tea used to be ordered! =)

Most of the food here
is NON-Halal de o~

Siew Mai o!
Abit blur....Sorry o~ :$

Chai Kuey..

Following is My Favourite lu!!!!
Hehehe...All fried fried fried de :P

This is SUPER yummy!
I most like to order this
when eat dim sum!! :P

Lobak Kuey!
Although abit oily...BUT
Is stil nice~ *heart*

Still got some I did not
Capture dou picture tim! ><
Coz busying Eat :P

Got a mee...So nice!
Bak kut de...Wow~~
Tasty!!!  =)

Will take the photo when I go again ya~ ;)

Dim Sum is Yummy!!!
Plus.. Moments with my parent~ =)

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Xjion89 said...

whre r u interning ooo?
hahaha, dimsum is the best^^

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