Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I ♥ Australia

Today Gonna Post about Something I like so much!!!!
All those cute chubby lovely stuffs
Is always my Favourite!!! :P

Got something that I ♥ so muchie!!
First of all....
is the koala~~~ =)

Hehehe...It is so so so so Cute~!
Agree??? :P

I wish I can have a chance to there....
To see and hug the real one! ^^

Now just show you the souvenir
From My Sister~ ;)

Cuteeeeeeeeeeee~!!!! Isn't it?

Hehehe...Fall in love with koala dy ><
Besides this....
There are sourvenir that bought at

Looney Tunes.....
Ta da~! ekeke..... :P

The tag for the souvenir o! :P

So so happy to receive All this~
Thanks to my dearest sister... =)

If you like tweety ....
Then following is a really nice sourvenir lu!!!!
Kakaz :D

Yaya~Is a Tweety case o~ ^^
it is sweet + cute!
♥ so muchie~!!! =)

Next is a Baby-T
of Looney Tunes Family!!!

So nice o...LOL....
The clothes full of LOL word...XD
Really LOL...:P

A photo of All Sourvenir...
La la la~ =)
hehehe....Thanks alot to my sis!!! ^^
Coz bought me so many sourvenir o~

Wish that I can have the chance to visit there o! ^^
Hehehe...Koala....Looney Tunes....
WAIT for me o...
wakaka XD

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ken said...

always read about movie world.. when will i be there lah.. haha.. =)

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