Saturday, May 21, 2011

♥~Blytheye 14mm~♥ at RM25 ONLY!!!

BLYTHEYE Coloured Lens

Blytheye coloured lens
Diameter : 14mm

The price of the lens is ONLY
RM25 !!!!!!!

Below is the picture of lens:

Blytheye Blue

Blytheye Grey

Blytheye Green

Blytheye Brown

Blytheye Pink

Blytheye Violet

The price for :
Pos Express : RM4
Pos Laju :  RM6 (West) RM9(East)

Is having a
"Let's Buy Together" event o!! =)

Join this event & Get wholesale price
for barbie lens!!!

The price is
ONLY RM22 Per Pair o!!!!!!

To see all the barbie lens can be choose! =))

The normal price for Barbie Lens is RM30 Per Pair o~!
Fast fast join and get RM22 PRICE!!!! =D

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