Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 3P Course - SQL Server

For most of the students
From Local Uni....
Now is Having their holidays.....

is not for me! Sob.....

Coz I am attending a 3P course now!
Started on
10 May - 2 June

Is just a short course...
(Read more then u wil know why )

Here is the book : -

In this book
Got 10 Modules o.... =))

Adds on :
This is not the only book!!!!!

Still have another 2 Books o!!! >.<
Gonna finished it within this period of time....

The exam gonna held on
2 June!!!

Hahaha....I still can do blog....
(Doesn't mean I not need study o!!!! =P)

Just that relax myself...
Everyday class from 9am-5pm le!!!!
So night time should have little own time ba? =P
(Actually not little at all!
Coz I nite time no study pun... :$ Kakaz... )

Do like my Barbie Doll Lens Page o!! =D

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