Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's Buy Together~♥

Let's Buy Together!

Barbie Doll Page is having a event
"Let's Buy Together"
Now!!!!!!!!! :D

Wondering What it is??
Is a event which gather all people
Who interested to buy lens
To get the
WHOLESALE PRICE o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

If more than 5 ppls make order : -
RM25 PER PAIR ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

If more than 10 ppls make order : -
RM22 PER PAIR ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow~Isn't it great? =))

Below is the lens of Barbie Dolce ( 1 of the Barbie Lens) :-

Barbie Dolce Green

Barbie Dolce Blue

Barbie Dolce Brown

Barbie Dolce Grey

There are more more barbie lens which can be choose o! =))
Then you can view all types of barbie lens! ^^

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