Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Special Post For You~ ♥

Today I'm Gonna to write a special blog! =))

What's so special?
This post is special because of You - My Hubby~!

Hope that this cupid sent my msg to him!

Tomorrow is gonna be His's 1st Day of Work o!!!
First of all I wanna say


Hehehe....Another cute picture :-

You'll be Super o!!! =D
(You're always my superman =P )

At first though to give some surprise to him...
(By sending a card to his home...)

But.....Due to some reason....
Unable to do so....sob... ='(

But I hope that this blog post...
Can bring a little Surprise for him...Kakaz.. =P
(Although is just a simple post)

The main purpose of this blog is to
Wish Him Good Luck o!! =))

Good Luck Good Luck o! ^o^
(All the best o my hubby )

Just a simple post for u o~!
*shy shy*

Hehehe....Hope you will like it~!
(Still hope u like it although very simple)

Additonal :
A letter for him too.....
Only will given to him when meet up!
*kakaz* =P

(PS: I Love You )


Nick said...

kakaka.. so sweet and cute :D thank you thank you :P

Kendra Bing said...

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reanaclaire said...

So sweeet!!

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