Thursday, June 24, 2010

Auto City Astro Festival

Yesterday I went to Auto City~
Coz wanna treat My parents eat...
Hehehehe... =)

Is to celebrate
Daddy's Day As well o ;)

Then I realise there was a festival o!!!!

YEAH! Is astro de o....

That time nearly 7pm
So the sky start to dark lu =)

Although not very late
It start to crowd with people dy!!!! =)

I hear that the FM people will come le~~
Kakaz...But I din wait o ;)

There was alots of NICE CAR
To Let Us take picture!!!!
Show You :-

Nice hor?
The plate Number so NICE~~
blekkk.... :P

More more nice car.....

Nice trendy car =]

The Last One~~

So Glad that I have
The chance to see all this!!! =D

Daddy's Day Dinner Post
Will CominG Up next! ;)

Do Come Back Visit My blog ya


Moots Harlow said...

omg! you are so nice daughter.
Happy Daddy's day to your dad.
btw, the cars are antique.
what is the purpose of the exhibition?
is it the real old car for display or for sell?
i will wait for your dinner with dad's post

Moots H

dLa said...

yeahh. classic cars. i like it :)

"I" the writer said...

WOW! All look like classic James Bond cars, DAMMN!

gaurav said...

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it really works spritually..
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gaurav said...

Its really nice to have astro vedic yagyas working for your good fortune...
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