Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy DaDDy daY ♥

TIme Flies~~
Daddy Day Soon CominG lu!!!!

What You gonna give ur dad???

A hugs???

A kiss???

Or A present??? ;)

Different people will give different surprise
To their Daddy =P

I plan to bring my Daddy & Mummy

Kakaz =D
So that we can enjoy the momen
t together

Let's imagine this~~
IT was GREAT!!!

Can chat and eat together....
Enjoy nice food~~
Yeah! That's my plan =)

Something to say to Daddy!

Remember say this to
Your Lovely DADDY o ^o^

♥ Happy Daddy Day ♥


v!vi@n said...

so sweet!!! me too, i plan to bring my mumi and dadi for a dinner...^^

Green said...

ok, APPROVED, permission to use my car! :)

hoay said...

vivi@n : hehehe...*five*
green : Thanks u so much!!!=) hehehe...for the first time i saw ads in ur blog :P

vialentino said...

i am waiting to receive present this year...kekeke

Amanina said...

yeay. dinner treat is simplest. but it'll be great to have dinner with the people we loved so much. :)

ms. sarah said...

Dinner with family ~

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