Friday, June 18, 2010

Neway QueensBay Mall

Do You went to Neway Before?
Which Locate at Queensbay Mall...
3rd Floor (opposite Al-Ikshan)

Let's Bring You to there.... =)
Come~follow me o
Welcome to
Neway Karaoke =)

Queue Up For Our Turn..
This is the counter o ^^

Look Nice right? ;)

The TV screen
which just locate beside the counter
hehehe =)

The collection is NICE~
I lk the view ~
Kept inside the Glass Cupboard.... ;)

I bring you into the room now ;)
Big Le???
Blekkkk :P
Coz Got About 14 peoples o~~
It was our team building

This is the table...
Nice! :P
Got so much feels to SING~~
Show You My Lunch Maeal :-

Ta Da~
Is My Favorourite Fish + Fries
And also Mayonis!! :D
Yum Yum~

I think You all will wonder about the pricing
I show you : -

For More information
Check from the website

Last photo
Which I take with
Neway mascot :P

Cute hor?
I mean the mascot :P

Enjoy YouR SaTuRdaY Ya !


Moots Harlow said...

are you talking about queensbay penang? I've been there when I study in penang but I never saw that kind of veeeeeery beautiful place like you visit now....!!!

hoay said...

Moots Harlow : it just open on May o ;)

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

queensbay? so far lor !

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
Wahhh... So cool KTV..!!
Look so luxury!

Ghild said...

wow ...
Beauty Girl , lol ...

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

I went there last month..the food was quite good and worthwhile but the song selection system was very bad..i dun think i will go there again..

araleling said...

The price ok? some say very expensive..

John said...

so cute. I mean you. LOL

Anak Perak said...

lama tidak pergi queensbay

Yorke Kun said...

you go to dat super duper restaurant just to eat fish and fries and mayo? stylo oo~

fhunky-fhinky said...

neway is nice..

futhermore, thier food is delicious. Same as redbox.

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