Wednesday, June 9, 2010

YOGA while watching TV???


Become so common in todays world....
Everyone seems so interesting about it....

Now I finally realise
There are so many ways for u
to do YOGA!!!!

=> increasing flexibility
=> Increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons
=> Massaging of ALL Organs of the Body
=> Complete Detoxification
=> Excellent toning of the muscles

Yoga is good for health! =D

Here are some style
For YOGA...
Simple one *wink*

Everyday Everywhere
Anytime Anyday

For worker people...
Most of the time
will feels tired
After back from work
do it on BED! =p

Back to the topic!
How to do YOGA when watch TV??
see below :

Don't scold me ya ^^
I just wanna share this funny comic
Coz watch tv
Can watch till like this!!!


jfook said...


v!vi@n said...

i seriously did tat in front of the tv, then got scolded from my mum teruk teruk, coz i sort of blocking the walk way..HAHAHAHA

xRaafikx said...

cool. lets do it together. hehe. :P

windflowers said...

right..lets do it ^_^

Azizan said...

yoga good for body :) reduce stress too

Teroris Cinta said...

nice info kawan, good luck, percantik blog sobat dg ini moba cocok ok Klik sini, jangan lupa koment yach........

kak ina mail said...

i prefer yoga daripada berjoging

Anonymous said...

aku taktau buat yoga :(
p cam menarik jer

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha i don do yoga when i watch tv, movies/drama. but i do some other exercises. just to make myself feel good =P all the food digging always makes me guilty afterwards

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