Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's Back to ToY SToRy 1

Recently Always see people write about
Make me think of
LoTz Moments When I was a child...
(now I also not very old la =P)

So I'm gonna Share this
With you all ^^

Toy Story 1
Feel Familiar with this?
This is the Toy story 1 poster....

I still remember
I watch it with my dad... =]

That time Toy Story still
YOUNG as me...
lol XD

Not really understand the world yet...

Just Have Happiness!
That is called "CHILDHOOD"
kakaz :D

Easily get jealous?

This is COOL!!!
When think back all the time...
Memories always with us..
Together we grow~ =)

Miss This So muchie!!!!!
Hav Fun In Life ya
Yeah ^ ^ v


v!vi@n said...

hahahahahaha...your toy story 1 brings me back to my childhood too..LOL..i watched it with my dad too^^

FiSh said...

true ;D! andy was so into woody and buzz that time ); now toy story 3 liao, andy goes college, i oso go college LOLL time flies!

Saddan Juhari said...
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Green said...

i know u like this movie very much, we used to have the video tape at home, remember?

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

huhuhu hoay i don't have time to see de movie lor!

email2me said...

Just watch it last night .... nice and funny movie

Tokabaut said...

Toy story is one of the best movies ever=)

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